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It is amazing the lessons we can learn from the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.  In April, about four years ago, my daughter and I went to Washington, DC.  We did what was expected of tourists. We visited various memorials and museums, the White House, and the Capitol.  We walked continuously going from one tourist attraction to another tourist attraction.  We walked toward the Capitol Building passing a beautiful, peaceful park filled with a plethora of flowers and plants. The trees were budding, and the pink flowers on the tress added to the beauty of the park. The park contained benches which I could hear one calling my name. I let my daughter know I had to rest and I sat down. As I sat resting, my daughter left me to further explore the park and to take more pictures.

When I caught my breath, I looked around and discovered I was surrounded by tulip gardens. I am not a big fan of the single tulip flower, but as a group, the tulips were a breathtaki...

September 14, 2018

One thing that a person learns as he or she matures is that life is change and some of those changes are challenges. Life is also choice. Change comes whether we want it or not, and we have to decide our choices toward those changes. What if, however, the change that comes into life is deliberate?

I was raised with traditions, beliefs, and expectations as to what my role in life involved. I always felt a deep fear to step away from these beliefs and traditions, but I also did not like what I saw was to be my future and felt trapped. I knew, on the whole, I was not accepted where I was.  However, I was surrounded by the presence of what I believed to be like-minded others, and it gave some sense of belonging and safety. I understood pulling away and changing the traditions I was taught meant walking, I thought, autonomously into the unknown.  I realized I would lose everything and everybody I was accustomed to having in my life.  This was part of the price I would have to pay to walk in...

September 14, 2018

I have yet to find anything that lasts for years that does not have two elements in common. It has a solid foundation, and there is constant maintenance on that foundation. It can be a building, a relationship, a business, a career, or a life.

In order for success to be attained, there must be a solid, sustained foundation. Let a

weakness appear in that foundation that has not been repaired, it affects not only the foundation itself but anything that is dependent on the foundation's soundness. For instance, a beautiful, sturdy, tight house can be erected, and termites invade the foundation. Left unattended, the unseen destructive force affects the integrity of the house as a whole.

The same thing can happen to a person. Let us use, for example, someone who is raised by the best parents.  These parents provided for his or her needs and furnished an all-encompassing love. She or he had constant and strong principles imparted, a solid belief system instilled and the best education possible s...

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September 14, 2018

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